Obsessional Thoughts

Do I struggle with obsessional thoughts? Do I allow these thoughts to control my speech and behaviour? Have I lost control over my Mind or do I choose to be addicted to thinking what I think?  

Are my thoughts guided by what I see? Or is what I see guided by my thoughts? 

Are my thoughts guided by what I hear? Or is what I hear guided by my thoughts?

Are my thoughts guided by what I smell? Or is my smell guided by my thoughts?

Are my thoughts guided by what I touch? Or is what I touch guided by my thoughts? 

Are my thoughts guided by what I taste? Or is what I taste guided by my thoughts? 

Are my thoughts guided by what I Know? Or is what I know guided by my thoughts? 

Are my thoughts guided by what I Love? Or is what I Love guided by my thoughts? 

Are my thoughts guided by what I Desire? Or is what I Desire guided by my thoughts? 

Are my thoughts guided by what I speak? Or is my speech guided by my thoughts? 

Are my thoughts guided by what I build? or is what I build guided by my thoughts? 

Are my thoughts guided by my free will? Or is my free-will guided by my thoughts? 

Is my action present in my thought before my action takes place? Or do I act on mere instinct before thinking? What is in control of my thought and behaviour- my Animal instinct or my Human Attributes? 

Do my thoughts belong to my body/brain? Or do they belong to my Creator/Higher Will? Does my Free Will belong to my body? Or does the Will of my Maker have Power over the will of my body? How does it make me feel to imagine that my thoughts are not my own? That my thoughts in the present are in fact recorded and predestined from the beginning of time? Am I afraid of losing control? What makes me feel afraid of letting go of the need to rely on my physical brain? Is it my Ego? 

Is my Brain a vessel for Higher thought in order that it should have positive impact on my body? Or is my cup full? What happens when water is static? What happens to the water within my brain that is not constantly flowing? Does it not become diseased and cause decay and illness to my mind, body and spirit? How can my cup continue to be filled with Higher Wisdom if I do not let the knowledge flow through me? What use are my thoughts to me if they do not help the rest of my body/humanity? How can my mind be filled with thoughts that benefit the body, if I do not let go of the thoughts which no longer serve their Higher Purpose/cause harm? Must I readily and continually sacrifice/speak/bring into physical action my current understanding of truth in order to make space for a truth that is Higher than me to Be? 

Are my thoughts controlled by my animal desires? Which of my desires control my mind: My selfish ego, lust, vengeance, envy, sloth, greed and gluttony? Or are my thoughts driven by my selfless Higher Will that seeks The Pleasure of my Creator through Justice, Peace, Truth and Love? 


How do my obsessional thoughts make me feel? Do they bring me a feeling of joy and delight? of Peace? of Hope? of Faith? or do my thoughts make me feel frightened? guilty? ashamed? doubtful? disgusted/ing? Hopeless? Depressed? Anxious? Angry? Jealous? Lustful? Greedy? How does this impact my relationship with my Creator and the rest of creation? Does it build Peace or cause destruction? Does it allow the flow of Mercy/kindness or the flow of Vengeance/Wrath? 

How do my obsessional thoughts affect my behaviour? Do they lead me to speak words of and behave in a way that brings forth honesty, integrity, peace, love, unity, mercy, compassion, forgiveness, patience, humility, hope, perseverance, commitment, balance, Justice? Or do they lead me to acting in ways of vanity, vengeance, anger, arrogance, self-glorification, control, oppression, corruption, division, and chaos? Do my thoughts bring me to building more peaceful relationships or do they lead to destruction/breakdown of my relationships? 

Do I feel enslaved by my obsessional thoughts about past traumatic events? How can I be set free from the bitterness and pain of my past that my obsessional thoughts cause me to experience? How does my obsession with thinking about past events affect my ability to Live in the present and become who I want to Be? How can gaining insight/wisdom from my past (in order to apply into the Present and future) help me to let go of the parts of my past that no longer serve my Higher Purpose? 

Is new knowledge really 'new?' or I am just remembering what I forgot of old?

Do I feel enslaved by my obsessional thoughts about the Future? Do I waste my time worrying about what might happen tomorrow? How does my obsession with trying to control the future affect my ability to truly Live in and enjoy the Present? How can I be released from the pain of worrying about what might Be that is beyond my control? How does my choosing to fulfil my lower will rather than my Higher Will, prevent me from 'letting go' of the need to control Tomorrow? Will I refuse to Surrender? What prevents me from surrendering other than my ego, doubt and false fears? 

Do I feel enslaved by my obsessional thoughts about 'Judgement?' Do I seek to be the King of Justice? Or does Justice belong to my Creator? Is my desire to be 'right' more than my desire to make 'peace' between the masculine and feminine aspects of Who I Am? Do I pass harsh judgement upon others because I believe myself to be better than others? Am I always correct in my judgement upon my brethren? Am I always correct to label others as 'pure' and 'impure' or does my Mind deceive me? How can I see purity in others if I myself have impure thoughts? How will I ever break free from accusing others wrongly, and slandering parts of Myself/others unless I surrender my Mind to the Highest Intelligence of all- To be One with the Mind of my Maker by striving to emulate His Beautiful Attributes of with Good intention, thought, speech and action- Kindness? Forgiveness? Gratitude? Patience? Mercy? Love? Humility? Perseverance? Commitment? Chastity? Compassion? Integrity/Truthfulness?

Did I create myself? How can I be both creation and Creator at the same time? Am I The Giver or the receiver? The Father or the Son? The Husband or the Wife? The Teacher or the Student? The Master or the servant? Am I able not to 'see' the father in the son and the son in the Father? The Teacher in the student and the student in the Teacher ? The Master in the servant and the servant in the Teacher? The Husband in the wife and the wife in the Husband? Am I not able to see the up in the down and the down in the up? The east in the west and the west in the east? The north in the south and the south in the north? The light in the darkness and the darkness in the light? The night in the day and the day in the night? The sun in the moon and the moon in the sun? The Higher Will in the lower will and the lower will in the Higher Will? The Higher Thought in the lower thought and the lower thought in the Higher Thought? Am I able to see the blessing in the curse and the curse in the blessing? Am I able to see wisdom in my obsessional thoughts and the obsessional thoughts in wisdom? How can seeking Creator within creation and creation within Creator help me to Unite my Higher and lower self, unite Heaven and earth, unite masculine and feminine and discover/reveal who I Am and who I Will Be? 

Do I feel enslaved by my obsessional thoughts about 'what others think of me?' Do I choose to live my life according to the desires of those around me, even if it goes against what I believe to be True? Do I suppress the expression of my Creator/Wisdom in order to please creation? Do I prefer to be a reflection of falsehood, rather than a reflection of Truth? How can I sanctify the Name of my Creator and fulfil my True Higher Purpose unless my outer beauty/external garments/speech and behaviour are a true reflection of my inner Truth/Beauty/of thought and Higher Will? 

Are my thoughts/emotions in opposition to one another? Do I feel there is a battle in my brain/heart between various voices? Does one side of me invite to Reality and the other to Delusion? Do I get lost in the battle and lose judgement of right and wrong? Am I fighting fire with fire? Or must I use Water to extinguish the Fire? How can seeking help from my Creator and making space in my Mind for Higher Truth/Knowledge/Wisdom/Understanding (by Remembering and trusting in the Help of my Creator as much as possible with my heart's mind), help to extinguish/resist/rise above/recognise/transform the false promises that my mind/heart whispers to me? 

Are my thoughts feeding from the Tree of Life or the Tree of knowledge of good and evil? What is the Source of my Mind? From where do I choose to eat? The Holy or unholy? Pure or impure? Is my intention which drives my mind- to serve my Higher or lower will? To serve my Creator or myself? Is the desire of my lower self One (animal nature) with the Desire of my Higher Self ( Spirit of Truth) or will my lower self reject and turn away from Higher Truth even after it has recognised it's Authority? What is it other than arrogance or ignorance that causes the war of the mind, preventing me from perceiving True Inner Peace? How can I ever escape from fulfilling my Higher Purpose either willingly or unwillingly? Is it not only the experience of Destruction instead of Peace that I choose to partake in when I refuse and disobey? How can seeking help and guidance from my Maker help me to overcome the arrogance and ignorance of my lower self in order that I Return to perceiving True Reality with my Mind's Eye? 

How do my obsessional thoughts affect my ability to find inner Peace? Must I switch of my mind in order to find true peace? Or must I find ways to get the right level of 'balance' of thought that enables me to think, speak and behave in Ways of Higher Peace? How can a change in my 'Intention/will' help my mind think in a way that is more 'positive' and 'creative' rather than 'negative' and 'destructive?'

Are my negative obsessional thoughts coming from a place of conscious or unconscious awareness? How can God-consciousness help me to discover and extract the wisdom from my obsessional thoughts which taunt and overwhelm me so that my conscious mind can inspire my unconscious mind to reveal its own light? How can Reason and intellect help me reveal the Truth of the part of me that is beyond reason and intellect? Perhaps I could start by pondering, instead of mocking..

How does my understanding of 'success' affect my train of thought? How does my ego affect my understanding of what 'success' means to me? Do I seek to succeed in 'losing' myself or 'finding' myself? Do I seek only my own success or the success of others? Do I seek to succeed in Returning Home to Peace or getting lost in despair? Do I seek to succeed in finding Light or Darkness? revealing Truth or falsehood? Discovering Reality or delusion? Do I seek to succeed in 'self-glorification' or in 'glorifying my Creator'? Do I seek to succeed in this worldly life, or in the Hereafter? Do I seek to succeed in falling or rising? in Death or Life? 

Perhaps I must lose myself in order to find myself? Perhaps I must succeed myself in order to help others succeed? Perhaps I must get lost in despair before I Return Home? Perhaps I must know the darkness in order to find the Light? Perhaps I must experience falsehood in order to recognise Truth? Perhaps I must live a life of delusion in order to appreciate True Reality? Perhaps in serving creation I in fact serve The Creator? Perhaps my success in the Hereafter is related to my success in this worldly life? Perhaps my Fall can also be successful? For how can I truly Rise if I do not fall? How can I truly Live if I do not return to the dust?

Must I go 'down' in order to go 'up'? Must I go 'up' in order to come 'down?' For what is the purpose of the Mind's eye if not to reveal the Heart's Eye? And what is the purpose of the heart's Eye if not to reveal the Mind's 'Eye?' How can seeking Truth, and Wisdom through Prayer, self-reflection and meditation (on the Attributes of my Creator) help me to go up? How can acts of loving kindness help me to go down in order that I may better 'Understand'? 


Who Am I? Am I Soul? Mind? Spirit? Body? Does my 'success' in self-discovery depend on the ability of allowing the The Spirit of Truth within in my Living Soul to direct my Mind and use my body as a vehicle/living sacrifice/tool/vessel to help reveal the Light in the Dark Space of my own Mind? How can seeking Higher Truth using my Mind, and allowing my Desire for Justice, Love, Truth and Peace to drive my train of thought, help me to discover and reveal the unknown parts of myself to myself and others? 

Is everything I think- really true? Is Reality defined by what I think? If so- then why do I make room for negativity in my mind? How can Faith, Trust in my Creator, Gratitude, Compassion and Forgiveness help me to let go/transform of the negativity which clouds my perception of Reality?

Do I see what I choose to see with my mind's eye? Do I 'choose' to see 'curses' instead of 'blessings?' Do I 'choose' to see 'evil' instead of 'good' in everything around me? Do my thoughts truly reflect the 'other side' unto me, or the true 'me' unto the 'others?' How much freedom in thought do I really have? How much of my freedom to 'think' truly belongs to 'me?' Surely, the more I surrender my ego to the Will of my maker, and sacrifice 'my' thoughts for 'His' Thoughts which are Higher than mine, the more I can 'think' more freely (Like water flowing through a rock, or Light through a Crystal prism)? What is it other than 'myself' that blocks my train of thought/Head from feeding/quenching the thirst of/healing/leading the rest of my body in perfect harmony and peace? 

Is there a 'veil' over my Mind which blocks me from perceiving/revealing Higher Truth? Do my negative thoughts attack my Faith and does 'doubt' block my perception/revelation of my Creator? How can this veil be removed? Must I see Miracles in order to be convinced? How can self-purification help me remove the dirt from the water that covers my senses? How can 'fasting' from thoughts of 'lust, greed, envy, hatred, anger/vengeance, sloth, gluttony' help to peel away the bitter peel, and break the rock that prevents the rivers of Eden from flowing through me? Perhaps fasting (during sunlight hours) from food and drink will help me to discover the Food and Drink of Heaven that is within the reach of my Heart and Mind? 

How can I ever discover the hidden truths of the unknown if I do not face my fear and walk alone with my Creator and break through the difficult paths? Am I afraid to draw close to the Fire? To Face the Tiger? The Snake? The Wolf? The Bear? The Scorpions? How can I overcome my false fears and delusions of my mind unless I Truly Trust in/and become One with ( in Will) my Maker Who is The Source of both darkness and light? Can I do it without Mercy from my Maker? What will make me feel 'protected' and 'shielded' from the threats of my perceived enemies in Life? 


Does my mind ever play tricks on me? Can I sincerely rely on my own understanding of truth or do my thoughts deceive me into believing falsehood to be truth? Do I refuse to surrender to a Will that is Higher than my own? Do I believe that there is no Will or understanding that is Higher than mine? Do I believe that I know better than my Creator? Why do I believe my understanding of truth to be Higher than the truth of anyone else? 

Can I rely on my own brain to decide what is false and what is truth? Can I rely that my own brain will be correct in distinguishing pure from impure? Holy and unholy? Higher will and lower will? Will of Heaven and will of earth? Will of the Higher Self Vs will of the lower self? Has our mind (of the physical body) got a mind of its own or is there a Mind (of the Spirit of Truth) that is Higher than it? Does mankind not go astray without guidance from Above? 

Is my Ego in control? Am I a god beside my Creator? Am I self-sufficient? Is there anything HIgher than me? How can sacrificing my Ego and so letting go of my desire to rely on my own understanding, enable me to Surrender to a Will and Understanding that is Higher than me? How can seeking Higher Truth, with humble Submission to the Higher Will of my Creator (within me) enable me to be freed from the suffering, pain and misery caused by the negative emotions related to my urge to change the past and control the future? 

How can I transform the addictive destructive nature of my thoughts into an addictive creative nature in a way that has a positive, healing, revealing, uniting impact on my relationships with my Creator and others around me: and help to Unite the Will of Heaven and earth? How can Surrender to the Will of my Creator help me to Become the 'Word' of my Maker ("Be!") that flows from His Thought according to 'His' Desire/Will through my sincerity in seeking to Sanctify His Name? 

Can I be saved from my addictive negative thoughts unless I seek Refuge in my Creator from the whispers of Satan within my Mind? What prevents me from seeking refuge? Do I doubt the Protective Power of My Creator Who has created everything in Pairs/opposites? What is the Womb that protects me from my twin? 

Must I escape from my twin by clouding my consciousness with intoxicants and strong drink? Must I protect my Higher Self from my lower self by escaping into the wilderness? Of what purpose is this except that I only deceive myself with delusion? What will help me find the courage to face my twin (face to face) within our shared space in order that I may be a good example unto him, and perhaps inspire him to join me once again in Peace and Return to the Place from which came/belong? Is my twin not the other half of myself? Does our Mother not love us both? Does our father desire to separate us? How can a temporary separation of purity from impurity enable water to be transformed into wine? 

How can I gain the necessary wisdom from my obsessional thoughts, that can then help me to break free from the confines of my own Mind and enter into hidden realms of Reality that I never knew before? How can this search for hidden wisdom in the darkness of my thought, enable my Spirit of Truth to Rise and be Master over my thoughts speech and action in ways of Peace? How can allowing myself to enter the Train of Peace help me rise above my fears, anxieties, despair, sorrow, doubts, hopelessness, and sacrifice my evil inclinations to transform darkness to light/ reveal to myself and others around me the light of my Creator within the darkness of my mind? 

How can my physical obedience to Higher Law ( given through Scripture) guide and strengthen (with Faith) my Mind and heart to the fear and love of God and my fellow human being? How can treating others how I want to be treated, help to release me from the negative obsessional thoughts which attack my mind and lead me astray from Truth?  How can sincerity in seeking Help from my Maker (directly, without associating partners with Him) with Humility, and self-purification; through seeking Higher knowledge wisdom and understanding, establishing regular prayer/meditation ( meditating on the Attributes of my Creator) and performing regular charity/acts of sacrifice enable my heart to perceive/reveal to myself and others- my True Love for my Creator and creation so that I can serve God with Joy and Inner peace? How can this free me from my addiction to obsessional thoughts that cause destruction to my relationship with my Creator, myself and those around me? How can the oft-Remembrance of my Creator within me, and Surrendering to the path of Higher Truth- help me to direct my thoughts in a way that produces good speech and behaviour so that I can become a Vessel for the Beautiful Attributes of God to shine through me and sanctify the Name of my Creator whom I choose to Serve? How can this help to bring Peace and Unity unto the Worlds? 


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What are Obsessional Thoughts?

Why are Obsessional thoughts important?

How can Obsessional Thoughts help us?

How can Obsessional Thoughts cause us harm?

How can we break free from our addictive thoughts which distract us from fulfilling our Higher Purpose? 

How can we use the wisdom from our addiction to negative thoughts which pull us downwards, to help us gain mastery over our Mind through surrender to a Higher Will of our Creator within, and transform our destructive Mind into creative Vessels of Truth, Peace, Love and Justice? 

Some Scripture Verses about 'Thought'

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